Enter: Scotland

This is my blog about being a graduate student in a foreign country (Scotland). Here I will recount my adventures: as a student, as foreigner, and as a film critic, since I am studying screenwriting and I’ll be watching a lot of movies.

I literally got here an hour and a half ago. So far I have:

  • Made it through the airport. The program I applied for school through (Study Across the Pond) made it sound like there would be a strenuous test at customs to get through into the UK. NOT TRUE. They asked where I was studying and how long I was planning on being here, then stamped the passport. Done. They gave me less trouble than Canada (my layover was in Toronto).
  • Taken a taxi to my cottage. Loved the taxi. It looked like an old 1930s vehicle.
    Love this cab.

    Love this cab.

    I didn’t even realize we were driving on the wrong side of the road until we made a right-hand turn that felt like a left-hand turn.

    Driver on the wrong side!

    Driver on the wrong side!

    I already have enough trouble distinguishing left from right. Now I will almost certainly get hit by a car because I’ll look the wrong way when I cross the road. Guess I’ll stick to the crosswalks with lights for a while. Also the driver was the first Scottish person I talked to that I had a hard time understanding. So I’m 1 for 3. Haha. He started talking slower for me. But I think I’m doing pretty well.

  • Explored my cottage and unpacked.
    My Cottage!

    My Cottage!

    LOVE the cottage. It smells like humidity that’s been trapped inside a sealed box for several years, but I wouldn’t expect any less. I’m living with another grad student who is studying linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. So far we get along great. 🙂

    Note from my awesome roommate welcoming me here

    Note from my awesome roommate welcoming me here

    Our bathtub is sweet,

    "Swanky" bathtub!

    “Swanky” bathtub!

    the kitchen is tiny,

    Tiny kitchen!

    Tiny kitchen!

    and we have a rather nice, large living room with scarce furniture.

    Lovely living room

    Lovely living room

    Also a small yard with a wire for hanging clothes to dry. Which sounds so romantic, honestly. Hanging your clothes outside to dry? Doesn’t that just scream simplicity and delight? Although I feel like the rain is probably too unpredictable to feel good about hanging them out there for too long.

Some observations:

  • It is cold here. Which I LOVE. 🙂
  • Edinburgh is more sprawling than compact. It doesn’t have huge skyscrapers around the city center. And so far, the roads are all twisty and I have no idea how to get anywhere.
  • I’m already thinking in a Scottish accent insidemy head. Def going to perfect speaking it before I leave.

So basically I’m in love with my life!


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