The Secret to British Success

Last night after I blogged, my roommate and I went out for dinner, and the moment I’ve been waiting for, for the past five years, happened:

ImageA döner!! Heaven was in my heart. It wasn’t quite as delectable as a German one (because they didn’t have the right sauce), but much better than anything found in the states. (And as you can see, my hair is “getting used” to the humidity.)

Day Two in Edinburgh. My prediction about unpredictable rain was true; I woke up to the sound of drizzle. Thus I started off with decorating my room. In case you didn’t know, decorating is very important to me. I have a phobia of blank walls. Here is the final product:

ImageI feel like a college student again. 🙂

After that, I decided to take a walk to the Screen Academy, where all of my classes will be held. The walk is only 1.1 miles, but I discovered some things about Scottish streets.

  1. Not all of them have street signs. Those that do are often just the small side streets; I suppose because you should just know the big streets. You’ll have to be walking along for a while, continually searching for the name of the street until you find it. They are posted on the sides of the buildings, usually on a corner, but away from the actual street (so I have no idea how you’d figure out where you are if you were driving in a car faster than 5 mph).Image
  2. Graffiti in Scotland is arbitrary, not beautiful like it was in Germany. As you can see in the picture above.
  3. Cars are not afraid to splash water on you.
  4. Not all intersections have crosswalks, or lights/stop signs. There are a lot of one way streets, so I suppose at that point you’d just…know when to go through the intersection? My plan of only crossing where there was a light to safely guide me got shattered in about five minutes. However, here is an entertaining yield sign:Image
  5. If there are too many people on the sidewalk, you walk in the street. Some people just walked in the street anyway.
  6. I don’t think I’ll end up getting a bike…. I probably saw only two bikers today, and since it is difficult enough for me to figure out which direction traffic is going, I feel like being on the street in the traffic is a really bad idea. Maybe I will later on when I’m more familiar with the streets.

So after getting lost for about twenty minutes, I found the actual path to campus. And here it is:ImageJust that little building in front, not the buildings behind it. Keep in mind that this is just my building; it is separate from the other parts of campus. And there are many campuses belonging to my university. But this is where the magic happens. Where movies are born and lives are changed forever. Doesn’t look like much, I’ll admit.

After my roommate got home from her classes we went out to get a bus pass for me and some household shopping. We ended up passing the Edinburgh castle and the Sir Walter Scott monument. A delightful moment for me, because I adore Sir Walter Scott. Before I post a string of pictures from that, let me list a few noteworthy things:

  • I lost count of how many attractive men I was seeing after about an hour of being here. I’d say well over 50% of the men here are attractive (like 85%, or walking past me at a rate of one every two minutes at least), and I haven’t found age to limit that in any way (young or old).
  • I’m up to about fifteen gingers (male).
  • Three men walking around in kilts so far (one was a ginger; I could not keep my eyes off him. Yes, in a creepy way).
  • I brought seven sweaters with me, and four jackets. Nowhere near enough. And thin socks are useless. I’d guess it’s around 40 degrees during the day, with humidity and rain on top of that. It feels right now about the same as the coldest months in Germany, and it’s only September. I feel like I’ll be spending a lot more on clothing than originally planned.

Now for the important pictures of the castle:ImageImageImage

And Sir Walter Scott:

ImageMy head’s kind of in front of the statue, but someday I’ll pay to get closer and sit in his lap… 🙂

And to end this post, I will tell you about the secret to British success:

IMG_0031Seriously. I got some Rooibos tea and put milk and honey in it and immediately I felt calm, satisfied with life, and 100% stress free. So, you can imagine, since the British do this daily (and multiple times a day), that their lives never become unmanageable. There is always a time out. Their brains get renewed and their lives simplified, every single day. Absolute genius. Now I understand much better why Ron offers to make Hagrid a cup of tea when he is freaking out about Buckbeak having a trial. Ron says that his mum makes tea whenever someone is upset and it fixes everything. Yep.


4 responses to “The Secret to British Success

  1. Dreamland. You are seriously living a dream and have convinced me that we must leave the country for Gavin’s Ph.D. Love this blog! Love that you see men in kilts. Love you!

  2. Oh I love you! This blog is going to either make me excited everyday or want to go over there with you EVEN MORE!…or both. PS…send some gingers this way 😉

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