First I’ll get the responsible stuff out of the way.

  1. I opened a bank account! I am now a proud member of Bank of Scotland (trumpet fanfare!)!
  2. I finally got a UK mobile number! And I can ditch my provider back in the US (who, like Voldemort, shall remain unnamed…).

Other than that today, my roommate and I went shopping. We are going to a Young Single Adult convention in Chorley, England this weekend, and she wants to find a more dressy dress. So, we walked all over the city center looking for something. Ultimately we were unsuccessful. But I found some interesting things along the way.

Scotland has malls. I don’t know why this surprised me as much as it did. Germany had them too…well one that I’m aware of. Europe just seems to be more oriented toward street stores. We went to two malls today. Although they are MUCH smaller than American malls, they still have the same feel to them.

Highly expensive stores repulse me just as much here as they do in the US. Remember that one time I went to Harrod’s in London and I was there for about ten minutes before I turned around and walked back out? Yeah, I didn’t bother going into the expensive stores here. Just walking past them made me shudder.

I will have a hard time finding anything that’s my style. In Germany I had a hard time finding my size (not so in the UK, because they tend to be a little bit heavier here). Here, everything is so…business casual? Thank goodness for H&M, cause I don’t know where else I would find anything to wear. I did find one store that had clothing I liked, but their brand name was plastered all over everything (Superdry), and I hate wearing names. Maybe I just need to keep searching, because all my rockstar stores are tiny holes-in-the-wall.

Stores are more specific to one idea. Instead of having a little bit of everything, most stores were very specific in what they sold. Just shoes. Just kids’ clothes. Just men’s clothes. Just accessories. Just outerwear. Just business casual. I kind of like that, because then you don’t end up with your entire wardrobe from just one place (like I currently have…well, three places). Here are some interestingly specific stores I found.

This store:

ImageWith this motto:

ImageAnd these mannequins:

ImageOr the store with this display in the window:ImageSelling this:

ImageAnd this:

ImageAnd this:

ImageOr the store that sells these shoes:

ImageImageImageBUT best of all, this store:

ImageI could not take pictures of what’s inside there because much of it will probably end up as Christmas presents for my sisters. 🙂

So, overall, a tiring but not entirely unproductive day of shopping.


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