One Minute Film

So since I am finally starting school tomorrow (not classes, but matriculation, which is the British way of saying orientation/syllabi day), I will write about something academic.

The director of my program gave us an assignment a few weeks ago to watch some one minute films from the Filminute 2013 festival. Interesting, I thought. A one minute film. Well, I watched all of the film on the aforementioned link (I highly recommend “The Veil” and “Kissing Booth”), and got super confused. What am I writing this one minute film about? Should it be completely self-contained and separate from anything I am planning on ever writing? Should I make it twist and turn like so many films in the contest did? Should I make it so artsy and symbolic most people will walk away feeling like they got robbed of their intellect? Should I have any dialogue at all?

I pondered all these questions for a couple of days. Honestly, I stressed myself out way too much about it. It’s my first assignment and I wanted it to be really impressive. But then I haven’t written a screenplay for almost five years (don’t tell my professors). But then screenwriting came so naturally to me that I probably shouldn’t worry about it.

The cockiness won out. I sat down for about twenty minutes and wrote a page-and-a-half screenplay that will probably equal about a minute (the general rule is one page of screenplay=one minute of film, but that’s the average over a whole movie/show, not exact, because obviously there is description that takes less time than space on the page, and the opposite for dialogue).

I wrote the “meet cute” from a chick flick I plan to write (did you read that everyone?! I am WRITING a CHICK FLICK. People I grew up with, please don’t pass out right here). Girl’s in the grocery store, boy walks by, there’s some embarrassment, it’ll be great.

But I know that 1-10 min films will be a frequent assignment for me, so please readers, tell me what else you think I should write a short film about. Or any ideas for films at all! That’s what I’m here for, right?


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