Meet the Professors

I’m writing my post a little early as I’m leaving straight from school for the YSA convention in Chorley (which I mentioned previously and will explain more about tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the time I return).

So I have two primary professors, and some other people who will pop in and out to help me with my work if needed. Since I’ve spent quite a bit of time with these two men over the past few days, I’ve noticed some interesting things about them.

James Mavor is the programme leader. He is currently writing lots of things, he tells us. I just found him on IMDb so I suppose that’s legit. He writes mostly for TV, so people outside of Britain may not have seen his work. Anyway, he looks like Elton John with square glasses.

(I’ve never noticed how the gap in his teeth aligns exactly with the fold of his tongue. Weird.) And he is one of the most friendly, warm people I’ve ever met. Like seriously. When he first introduced himself, I told him my name, and he said, “Ah, Laura. Whitney. From Utah.” Like he’d memorized my application. Granted, there are only ~20 of us in the program, so it’s not too hard to remember everyone’s name, BUT I didn’t expect at all he’d have them memorized before we showed up to orientation. I really enjoyed chatting with him over the phone during my interview, so I knew I liked him already, but having a professor this down-to-earth and inviting is so welcome. It makes grad school much less intimidating.

The second professor (I’m not sure what his real title is) is Nigel Smith. There are lots of Nigel Smiths on IMDb so I’m not sure what he’s written, let’s just say the one with the most credits. 🙂 Nigel is super quirky. He showed up in these trousers today that have some weird embroidery all over the back, which make them seem like a Jackson Pollock made wearable. And when James is addressing us, Nigel is in the background making faces and mouthing sarcastic comments. But what I like most about him is his lips are the exact same shape as…

Yes, that beautiful and amazing man, Alan Rickman. And his voice kind of curls in the same way Alan’s does, at the back of the throat so the end of each word is round and smooth like a Lindt truffle. Nigel’s voice isn’t as deep as Alan’s so it’s not as spell-binding, but nonetheless, it makes me smile inside.

So, Elton John and Alan Rickman are my professors. Best. Programme. Ever.

P.S. I hope the British don’t get offended that I pretend I’m on first name basis with them all. Someday, I will be, Alan. You just wait.


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