My Life Is Average

This post started out super boring about things I learned in class today.

Here’s the short version:

  1. I gotta find something deep inside me that makes everything interesting, or else I am going to fail as a screenwriter.

Then I got thinking about my life.

Two of my greatest literary heroes are Anne of Green Gables and Jo March. Actually correction, two of my most favorite movie heroes are Anne of Green Gables and Jo March, because I haven’t actually read the books all the way through. This is why I’m going into screenwriting instead of writing novels.

Anyway, uncannily, my life has kinda turned out like theirs…

  1. I have all sisters and no brothers
  2. I was brought up in a culture with high expectations
  3. I “rather crave violence”
  4. I’ve lost count of how many boys caused me to lose my temper in school
  5. In fact, I tend to be overly passionate about pretty much everything
  6. I left home and ventured out on my own for schooling, finding myself, etc.
  7. I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I have been conscious of my life
  8. My younger sister married a guy I was interested in once upon a time
  9. There’s something about German men in there…
  10. I kind of despise my natural hair color (although I dyed mine red because it’s more awesome)
  11. I am easily tempted by mystical Romance
  12. I would consider myself a Transcendentalist
  13. My best friend’s name is Diana
  14. I have notions of being an inspiring teacher
  15. I don’t want to write about my real life, but that’s what I’ve been endlessly encouraged to do (maybe if Gilbert or Professor Bhaer was asking, I would be more inclined), and doing so has been extremely challenging

This is the impact of movies. Of course, I naturally related to these characters because of the writer thing…and the sisters I can’t help. But honestly, I believe that some of my choices were consciously made based on these women’s characters, like studying Transcendentalism and thereby falling in love with its ideals.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. The primary element that makes things interesting is you.


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