The Night Life

Well, now that I’ve pretty much established a life here, it was time to go out and explore the night life a little bit. So my friend Kristi and I went out a couple times this week.

The first night we went out was Tuesday. We went to a piano bar. Neither of us drink at all, but we’d heard great things about the atmosphere and musicians, so we thought it was worth a shot. We got there a little after 10 pm.

I don’t know about everyone’s bar-hopping experiences here, but in my experience, 10 pm is maybe in the first third of the night. Early, but not too early.

Not in Scotland. Even though it was a week night, we were the only people in the bar, not drinking, for over an hour. You wanna talk about social awkwardness? Let me tell you about the time that my friend and I sat through sound check for almost an hour while the bar staff gave us sideways glances. Finally Kristi asked them if they were even open. They said they were, but the crowd doesn’t usually pick up until between midnight and 1 am. Fail.

Tonight we went to a pub (called Ghillie Dhu and all the signs were in Gaelic!) that has free Ceilidhs Monday and Friday nights. We got there close to 11. That was a little bit more of a success.

If you didn’t see my post about Ceilidhs before, you missed the pictures exhibiting just how face-paced this dancing is. If this is you, click on the link, examine the pictures, then imagine doing this dance when there are only two sober people in the room, you and your friend.

Best picture of a train wreck ever!! But that’s what the dancing was. Too many people wanting to hold hands for too long, standing too close together, paying too little attention, tripping over too many feet. Seriously, there were so many people who just kept moving on to the next dance step before it was time, or not moving on quickly enough, or forsaking the dance altogether and trying to ballroom dance in the middle of the floor while the Ceilidh is going on around them…didn’t exactly work. But man, were Kristi and I entertained! Drunk people provide absolutely premium people watching.

After the Ceilidh we went back to the piano bar (which is called Fingers) because the pianist was amazing and since it was now normal business hours (plus the weekend where people start getting drunk much earlier), we could sit there not drinking and it wouldn’t be as awkward. And the drunk watching was just as good in the bar. Some awesome guys I should be friends with dancing, with only one or two moves each, to every song. Oh, it was writer’s gold.

But you know what? I didn’t see a single ginger all night. I must find where they go to party. 🙂

And now: some night pictures of the creepy graveyard and church I have to walk past to get the happening places, Sir Walter Scott, and the castle.







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