We Built This City

Here comes a blog post replete with pictures!

Today I climbed up Calton Hill, overlooking Edinburgh. There are several monuments atop the hill, as well as stunning views of the city.

ImageMonument to Dugald Stewart. A philosopher. (Scotland is full of them. Another reason why I love being here!)


Overlook of the city (but the clouds are actually my favorite part of this one).

ImageFrom bottom to top: Edinburgh, North Sea, Fife, sky.

ImageAnother shot of the city, this time more castle-focused (on top of the hill).

ImageDramatic clouds. LOVE.

ImageThis random half-Parthenon that I’m not sure what the function is…that’s me with my friend William who guided my tour around Calton Hill.

ImageTHIS. If there was no other reason, this is why I love Scotland. It says: “To the memory of Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson and of the great victory of Trafalgar, too dearly purchased with his blood, the grateful citizens of Edinburgh have erected this monument: not to express their unavailing sorrow for his death, not yet to celebrate the matchless glories of his life, but by his noble example, to teach their sons to emulate what they admire and, like him, when duty requires it, to die for their country.”

ImageNelson’s monument (also the one pictured in the dramatic clouds picture).

ImageThis is Arthur’s Seat, an inactive volcano (with apparently a fairly brutal hike to get to the top. Which I plan on conquering at some point).

ImageThis random obelisk with a bunch of interesting stones, which will follow this sentence and explain themselves.ImageImageImageImageImageScots. Just sound it out, it’ll be alright.

ImageYeah! Clan pride!!

ImageI just really like the yellow accent in the tree and the way the half-Parthenon framed it.

ImageThis is a cannon. In case you didn’t know.

ImageBeautifully wooded path, playing around with fish-eye effect.

Mainly what I’ve gathered is the Scots like to commemorate things. Monuments, festivals, ceremonies…and I love it. Scotland makes my heart sing every day. 🙂


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