Well…I don’t have too much to say today. Day of school…normal. I went out to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner and have almost never been so satisfied by food in my life (except the sea bass in Peru, marginally better).

But today in my class, we were looking at the top box office hits for the past few years in Britain. In the top 20, there were only one or two original screenplays per year in the past few years. The rest were adaptations: from novels, comic books, other movies, TV, video games, even music. My argument is that adaptation is one of the major components of post-modernism, which is the era we are living in. But the fact is, adaptation is where money is to be made.

One of my assignments this trimester is to evaluate a work (any medium) to see how well it could become an adaptation. So I’m going to poll the audience. The only parameter is it can’t be something that has already been adapted, ever. So, any ideas? Any brilliant works out there you think should be adapted?


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