The Great Birthday Misadventure

Today is my friend Kristi’s birthday! Happy birthday!

Kristi’s cousin, Elisa, planned a great girls’ night out with fine dining and a classically British comedy movie. So we went to Gusto, a snazzy Italian place (P.S. I already couldn’t handle most Italian restaurants in America…good luck ever getting me in one again. Not after all the incredible Italian I’ve experienced here!).


Shortly after we were all sitting, we each ordered a lovely fruity drink. Mine was called Honey Dew. And it looked like this:


Notice the black straw (that is how you know if you are dining at a quality establishment). Now, knowing that this drink has both mint, and more importantly lime, which is the most divine of all flavors, I was really looking forward to taking my first sip and slipping into gustational paradise.

But the universe had a different plan.

We were seated in a circular booth with, obviously, a round table. However, the table seemed to be a bit off center, or the benches in the booth were too wide. Point being, that the table seemed a bit far away.

Just then, our appetizer arrived, this delightful looking pizza-esque bread.


Elisa, attempting to rectify the table-distance conundrum, tried to scoot the table, just a bit, toward Suzanna. What happened was her drink, the Tutti Fruitti:


dislodged all over the pizza bread, and my drink slipped blissfully into Suzanna’s lap. Obviously, our table erupted with laughter, so a host hurried over to assess the damage. Then, right there in the middle of his appraisal, Suzanna’s drink, the Watermelon & Mint sling:


leapt from her fingertips and splinterized (real word, look it up) into infinitely many pieces across the table. I watched this happen. It defied physics, really.

At that moment, aghast, the host collected himself enough to say: “Right. We’ll just move you to another table.”

Kristi was, at this point, wiping tears of mascaraed mirth from her face. As for me, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. I’m sure the hosts and waiters who had to clean up after us were wondering how we could’ve gotten so ridiculous when they hadn’t even served us alcohol.

But I am convinced that the physics-defying glass was no accident.

Because the waiter at our new table was the adorable ginger I’d been eying all night. 🙂

After that, dinner went perfectly normally. I got Spaghetti Carbonara:

ImageAnd Elisa got this incredible lamb she let me try:Image

which is probably my most favorite meat. Mmmm. As well as these roast potatoes:


which they make by boiling the potatoes to just before the falling apart point, and then roasting them in the oven smothered in the fat of whatever meat you are having. I’ve never had potatoes make me moan before.

Then our deliciously ginger waiter brought out the cake Elisa made for Kristi:


And we had a proper birthday celebration. Huzzah!


Then we went to the movie, which I will refrain from critiquing since I’ve done a lot of that lately, and it was a comedy so rules don’t necessarily apply. But here’s a lovely picture of us at the theatre to end off the evening:



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