So Word Press is having a tantrum and not allowing me to upload photos. I have no idea what the problem is. So I’m sorry you won’t be able to see photos of Glasgow (unless you are friends with me on Facebook)! But here’s a description of my trip this weekend:

I went with Suzanna and Kristi to Glasgow this weekend! It was really nice to get out and see another part of Scotland. It’s funny to note what similarities and differences Glasgow has to Edinburgh.

  • Glasgow is much busier. Walking around the streets, especially before we dropped our luggage off, was chaos. There were hordes of pedestrians crossing the street whenever and wherever they wanted, and poor cars going 5km/h or less to avoid killing anyone, even though the 30+ people walking in front of them were not in a cross walk.
  • Glasgow is cleaner. I feel like Edinburgh has more litter and homelessness, but that might be because I walk the streets every day, so I notice it more. I didn’t notice anything of the kind in Glasgow.
  • Glasgow has more creepy, dark streets. Or maybe I just haven’t found those in Edinburgh. There has only been one area in Edinburgh that I felt was a little sketch, ironically the neighborhood where my karate class is held.
  • Glasgow is more business-centered. This is reflected in the architecture of the cities. Edinburgh seems more artsy to me, with interesting building abounding, but Glasgow is full of straight lines and big offices. Not even close to somewhere like New York, but just slightly more than Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow has less gingers. Enough said.
  • Glasgow’s Scottish accent is stronger (or more what you expect  Scottish accent to sound like, as on Brave). Which almost makes up for the lack of gingers!

I may be completely off in my observations, if you do any research on the cities, but that’s just what I noticed.

We visited Suzanna’s friend Annie, who is studying at University of Glasgow. She took us around the university, which has some seriously amazing building (again, sorry for the lack of pictures). We also had some amazing food, notably:

  1. My first fish and chips experience this time around being in the UK. And can I just say, Scottish chips are the best on the earth!
  2. An ice cream parlor that I highly recommend called Cafe Nardini. I got a knickerbocker glory in honor of Harry Potter and it was delicious!
  3. Ichiban, an excellent Japanese restaurant (which they also had in Germany) because I LOVE Udon noodles!

We also saw a number of street performers, including a tribal Celtic band (raging pipes and drums! but no didgeridoo! 😦 ), young preteen bagpipers (I kinda wanted to kidnap them, but I refrained), and a legit rockstar lighting his guitar on fire (metaphorically). LOVE street performers!

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and hope to return soon, probably for a longer period of time so I indulge in more wonderful culture!


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