Why Muse is the BEST. BAND. EVER.

Tonight I went to see Muse Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, the new concert movie Muse has released. I’ve seen them live in concert twice, and knew of their brilliant ability to blow minds during performance. Although this was a movie screen and I couldn’t scream myself voiceless during the concert, it was still absolutely stunning. First of all, I’ve never been able to get that close to Matt Bellamy before (which is one of my life dreams). Secondly, they showed some behind the scenes bits. And thirdly, they split screen often to show multiple things going on (although there is so much going on at a Muse concert there is no way to take it all in, period).

So I thought I’d share my reasons why Muse is the best band on the planet earth at this moment (this is a fact. Accept it).

1. Their lyrics are crazy poetic.

  • Our wrongs remain unrectified, and our souls won’t be exhumed (I will pay anyone money if they can find “exhumed” used as lyrics in any other circumstance) (Sing for Absolution)
  • Unbroken virgin realities (Plug-in Baby)
  • Wash me away/ Clean your body of me (Citizen Erased)
  • I’ve had recurring nightmares that I was loved for who I am and missed the opportunity to be a better man (Hoodoo)

2. Speaking of awesome lyrics, they almost never sing about love. They do, however, sing about what a lot of people misinterpret as love, but they make it clear that it’s not.

  • I wanted freedom/ Bound and restricted/ I tried to give you up, but I’m addicted (Time is Running Out)
  • You take only seconds to draw me in/ So be mine and your innocence I will consume (Darkshines)
  • Promise to hold you close and pray/ Watching the fantasies decay/ Nothing will ever stay the same (Falling Away with You)
  • I will be chasing your starlight until the end of my life/ I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore¬†(Starlight)

3. What they do sing about are ideals. Freedom. Agency. Responsibility. Accountability.

  • Rise up and take the power back…We have to unify and watch our flag ascend (Uprising)
  • Counterbalance this commotion/ We’re not droplets in the ocean (Unnatural Selection)
  • Our freedom’s consuming itself/ What we’ve become is contrary to what we want (Take a Bow)
  • The time has come to make things right/ You and I must fight for our rights (Knights of Cydonia)
  • You’ve got to change the world and use this chance to be heard (Butterflies and Hurricanes)

4. Musically, they are incredible geniuses. from album to album, the musical style expands to embrace all sides of music. For example, let’s just take the last two albums, Resistance and The 2nd Law. Resistance’s song have full orchestral parts. The 2nd Law’s songs are highly electronic. They all maintain the Muse flavor. But they are experimenting with the full range of what is considered music. In other words, not all their songs sound the same. Not even close. To give you an idea of how interesting their music is on paper, feast your eyes on this:

5.They also incorporate science (particularly space and the sciences pertaining thereto) and George Orwell in their music:

  • The fundamental laws of thermodynamics will place fixed limits on technological innovation and human advancement/ In an isolated system, the entropy can only increase (Unsustainable)
  • I’m collapsing in stellar clouds of gas (Big Freeze)
  • Song names: Supermassive Black Hole, Unnatural Selection, Stockholm Syndrome, Neutron Star Collision, Dead Star, United States of Eurasia
  • Kill your prayers for love and peace/ You’ll wake the thought police

6. And to refrain from going on until I pass out from hyperventilation because Muse invokes such a corporeal reaction from me, let me just show you how UNBELIEVABLE they are in concert:

So much love. I seriously recommend looking them up if you aren’t already in love with them. You will be inspired. I was so inspired by them, I can honestly say they are the reason I’m going into film. They put so many stories into my head that I had to get them out and change the world and use this chance to be heard! Your time is now!


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