The Capitol

Today I got my birthday package from my family, and inside it was filled with fire! And by fire I mean Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire! (Please don’t ever let me become a comedian.)

Mainly I want to talk about that Us Weekly magazine.

At the top, you will see it says five giant posters inside.

I have a rather large collection of movie posters, and I was quite excited about this. I skimmed through the whole magazine, then pulled out the Peeta poster and promptly fixed it to my wall. To give you an idea of my adoration for Peeta, I named my car Peeta and actually called him Peeta all the time, and for maybe the first year after I bought the car, I called him my Boyfriend Peeta. And as you can see I’m still referring to my car as “him” (even though I tragically had to sell him before I came here which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done).

Then I thought, who else should I hang up? Katniss, of course, as she is one of my heroes and I relate to her almost better than any other fictional character I’ve ever come across (next to Jo March, obviously, but she’s barely fictional). And I supposed I could put up Liam Hemsworth for the lips and eyes alone.

So I pulled the rest of the posters out of the book. There was also one of Finnick/Sam that I decided to put up if there was room.

Then I realized I had five posters. One of Peeta. One of Josh Hutcherson. One of Finnick. One of Sam. One of Liam.

Katniss? Katniss anyone? How about Jennifer?

I turned every page in the magazine wondering if I’d somehow missed the über big Katniss poster that should be lurking within.


Then it dawned on me. The Capitol published this magazine.

They are trying to distract me with attractive men to make me forget about a strong female role model, a woman I can relate to and strive to emulate, who stands up for what she believes in, even in the face of death! They are trying to brainwash me into believing that I need a sexy man in my life to be complete or worthwhile!

But I will not listen to them.

Katniss and Jennifer Lawrence are both amazing women. If you type Jennifer into Google, Jennifer Lawrence will be the first suggestion, which I think is hugely significant when you think about how recently she’s risen to fame and how many celebrities are named Jennifer (and how long their hair has been famous). Take a look at this:

Here is a millionaire whose career (sadly) rests in huge part on her looks and guess what? She still knows how to be a real person. She not only remembers what it’s like to be an average person, she still lives like one (when she’s not shooting I suppose). I love it.

Last night I was at a family’s house, and the youngest son was being a hyper maniac as ten-year-olds tend to do. He started climbing on me and trying to wrestle, and at first I took the hits, but then I suddenly restrained him using some of my karate skills. He begged for mercy and I let him go, only to be attacked again within seconds. I restrained him again. The third time, I restrained him then swept him to the floor. After that he didn’t attack me again (this was all done playfully with gentleness, in case you are wondering). A little while later his mom was taking him out somewhere, and he turned to me and said “Bye Jennifer Lawrence!”

This is the best compliment I will ever receive in my life. I am certain of that. Whether it was because of my kick-awesome combat skills, or because I’m just that beautiful, it doesn’t matter. For a brief moment, I was equal to Jennifer Lawrence.

I’ll save my rant on how much I love Katniss for next week after I see Catching Fire. 🙂


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