One Way or Another

It was pointed out to me that British people walk the way they drive. I.e. they walk on the left side of the sidewalk.

No wonder I’m always having that awkward moment when you are walking towards someone, getting closer and closer to them, and they are walking in your exact trajectory, and when you move to the side, they move. And it goes back a forth until right at the last second when you almost crash into each other, but one person dodges a little bit farther than the other and one doppler effect later, you’re both safely continuing on your way.

This happens to me at least once per walk per day.

Because I’m an American and I drive on the right side of the road. Literally.

But I can’t even tell left from right! How I am supposed to ever get this?!

Don’t tell me to look at my hands and find the L, because I can also read upside down and backwards. So they both look like an L.

Every time I’m stopped at a light waiting to cross the street, I always watch the cars and try to guess which lane they should be turning into as they turn. 98% of the time, I get it wrong. Seriously, this is insanely difficult for me. I will never drive in Britain. Or Australia. Or India, or wherever the British influenced the road system.

Even when I’m riding in people’s cars I have minor panic attacks constantly because I think they are turning into oncoming traffic.

Whenever my brain manages to wrap itself around the concept of left vs right (which I’ve made phenomenal progress in since I started karate), I might be able to attempt driving in Britain. Until then, I will keep walking, because a pedestrian-pedestrian accident is a lot less harmful than any type involving a car. 😛


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