Today didn’t really feel like Thanksgiving because I still had to go to six hours of class. And some of the Americans I know didn’t even celebrate. 😦 But I really enjoy sharing my traditions with others, so I still pressed forward in my celebration!

I was invited to a dinner with five Americans (including myself), a South African, a German, and a Norwegian. It wasn’t the most traditional Thanksgiving dinner ever, but it was still delicious!

As you can maybe tell, we had chicken instead of turkey. But it’s okay. I am open to new experiences. 😉

There are a million things (that might be literal) that I am thankful for, but pertaining to this blog:

  • The opportunity to learn
  • The opportunity to influence others
  • Kilts
  • History, architecture, and culture surrounding me
  • The power of a good story

That’s probably not very inspiring, but I really am so happy to live in a time on the Earth when ideas can be communicated so quickly, and you can learn about cultures across the globe and expand your experience and knowledge through them. I’m grateful for life and all its twists and turns.



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