The Producers

Today for class we had the producers from Sunshine on Leith come talk with us. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can imagine how excited I was about this! If not, you can get a better idea by reading the following link: Please Don’t Stop the Music, and then follow the link in that post back to my review of Sunshine on Leith.

They belong to a production company called Black Camel Pictures, and actually their biggest movies so far have been Nazi zombie movies: Outpost, Outpost II: Black Sun, and Outpost III: Rise of the Spetnaz (coming out next year). Which of course, I physically could not endure.

How interesting for them to go from zombie horror to one of the most feel good movies of the year (in my opinion, THE most feel good movie of the year). When it occurred to me, this combination makes them pretty much perfect for the kind of movies I want to make, when they also said they are trying to delve more into feminine relationships/drama. WHAT? My dream come true.

And next weekend I’ll be going to a film festival in Cromarty, Scotland:

which you can see is right on the point of the water in that isthmus on the right. Anyway, these producers will be there…and we’ll see how the Hollywood myths of bumping into someone at a film festival and throwing your ideas at them pans out. 🙂


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