Today I bought a flight to Stockholm to visit one of my best friends for her birthday in January.

I had to change all the flight-finding websites into UK English language so they would show me the prices in GBP.

Because I can’t compute USD anymore.

I suppose this is natural as I was taking the money out of my Scottish back account, so it’s easier to have the website convert the currency for me rather than do it myself (on another website). But it was still really confusing when I saw the prices offered with a big fat $. $282.90? What does that even mean?!

Something I find interesting about the Pound is that each bank (at least in Scotland) mints their own notes, so they all look different.

Which are entirely different from the English notes, which are all uniform I believe (correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve only dealt with English notes a few times so far).

Consequently, they don’t like to accept Scottish notes in England. Bit of nonsense if you ask me, but I suppose some things are hard to let go after hundreds of years of being frenemies. Silly British.


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