Today I read this Buzzfeed article, and I have to say, number 11: Networking is the most necessary evil of all necessary evils…

I hate networking. Let’s not beat around the bush with this. It sucks. The very idea of talking to someone just to figure out if they have something to offer you is absolutely repulsive. Let me walk up to you, make pleasant conversation to make you feel like I care, until I find out that oh, your idea for a film is really psychotic and I don’t really want to be involved in that, plus you don’t have any practical skills or hobbies, like flower arranging, that I may need one day. So I’m going to cut this conversation short and move on to that guy who’s wearing a vest, because clearly he is going places.


Plus I don’t drink, so it’s just incredibly awkward for me to stand in a circle with nothing swirling in my hands, while someone new enters the circle and clinks glasses with everyone, except me. Which happened to me a lot tonight.

Also, I’m just an incredibly awkward person who is terrible at thinking of appropriate questions to ask someone at such an event (that introverts hating small talk thing? Textbook case right here). So I usually let someone ask me a question and then I answer and ask, “how about you?” back to them. Which also happened to me a lot tonight.

However, I’ve decided I can’t look at networking that way. I do actually like getting to know other people. So that’s how I must look at it. Doesn’t matter who I talk to and what skills they have. Everyone is valid and interesting if you get them on the right subject. Therefore, I will talk to anyone who is willing to talk with me. And if I don’t find any “useful” information from them, at the very least I have some more details for my character-creation arsenal.

So, cheers for networking. It is the only way to get a job in the film industry, so I better get used to it.


2 responses to “Network

  1. Well, let me start by saying that I read the first half of this blog in my feed thinking it was written by Sumana.

    That aside, always think of networking as the opposite. Not, do they have something to offer me? but, how can I get them to see what I have to offer? If you think of it like that, you may be able to come up with more things to talk about – your own ideas and skills, for example.

    You can always get a non-alcoholic drink to swirl if it’s really obvious. Or you can use that as a topic starter. Also, you’re cute. That should help.

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