Heilige Abend und Weihnachten

So, here in Germany, Christmas Eve is the primary day of celebration for Christmas. To celebrate, we had dinner and afterwards sang Christmas songs. Many, many Christmas songs originated in Germany.

After that, the Weihnachtsmann (Santa, basically) came and we all got to sit on his lap while he gave us presents.

Then all of the presents from the family get passed out and opened. Very exciting!

On Christmas day, we have a big dinner like Thanksgiving. Potatoes are always my favorite, and these roast potatoes are made by boiling the potatoes in a pressure cooker, then deep frying them. Amazing!

After dinner, more singing and playing games with the family, with the candles on the tree all lit.

In Germany on holidays, nearly everything shuts down. Which is kind of nice, because it almost forces you to take a break and relax. Spend time with family and whatnot. I enjoy it. Three whole days to just chill and be happy; what else are holidays around for?

Merry Christmas, and happy other holidays you may be celebrating!


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