Historic Frankfurt Part 1: Old Buildings

So, I’ve been learning a lot about Frankfurt’s history and seeing a lot of cool things around this place. I love history, especially European, so I might have gone a little crazy on the historic tour of Frankfurt that I took, but hopefully I can share something interesting with you!

So first, here we have the old watchtower from medieval times. It is the only one still standing. Interesting contrast with the very modern building behind it.

This is the guard house just down the street from that watchtower, which miraculously never got hit with any bombs through any wars. So it’s obviously been restored a bit, but it is the same structure from 500+ years ago.

This is the grand hotel which used to be the place in Frankfurt. The big curved entryway was big enough to fit elegant carriages. It is where the guests on the Hindenburg Zeppelin stayed before they took flight.

This is the exact door where the guests left the hotel to board the zeppelin.

This used to be a monastery, but is now an archaeological museum. When it was a monastery, it was the biggest building in Frankfurt.

This is the oldest building in Frankfurt, right in the middle of downtown. It’s structure is wooden, so it’s a real miracle that it’s survived all the bombings that Frankfurt has been through. It was built in the late 1100s.

Here we have the “Bridge of Sighs.” Underneath the bridge is the office where people had to go to pay their taxes. Thus the sighing.

This is a piece of the original city wall built in the 1200s. Still standing! Pretty amazing.

Why do I love old buildings so much? Maybe because we don’t have them in America, especially out west where I’m from. But I think it’s more because they give one a sense of stability – that although the world is constantly changing, there are still pieces that will remain the same, that stand through the waves of social whims.


2 responses to “Historic Frankfurt Part 1: Old Buildings

  1. I love this post! The history behind cities and buildings is always incredible! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been to Frankfurt and know that it’s a fairly new city compared to the rest of Germany!

  2. That hotel is still *the* place in Frankfurt- at least for publishers. They stay up till all hours of the morning partying there during the bookfair.

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