Historic Frankfurt Part 3: Memorials, Statues, and Other Art

Yeah, huge fan of this part of European culture, as I’ve expressed many times on this blog. I love honoring something or someone through physical expression, such as a statue.

So, that’s where we’ll start.

Here are the great German reformers: Luther, Calvin, and another guy about whom I did not know. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of questioning authority and beliefs and paving your own path, so I respect these great men.

Here is a beautiful picture of Justice, coincidentally with some iconic German architecture in the background. I LOVE this depiction of Justice for a few reasons:

She’s not blind. This is the only statue of Justice in a public place where she doesn’t have her blindfold.

Her stance, and the way the wind blows her robes tells me that she is steadfast and immovable, a beacon of truth that is neither kind or cruel.

This is a WWI memorial. The bottom inscription says “For the fighters for German unity.” Which is a very worthy thing to fight for.

This is the Frankfurter Dom (cathedral) where all of the Holy Roman Emperors were crowned.

These coats of arms on the walls inside the cathedral and I believe they represent the coats of arms for each Emperor.

This stained-glass contains the Lord’s Prayer in German. Let’s be real – I just love every opportunity to read German.

And one of my most favorite things about cathedrals is the wonderful statues adorning the outsides. I really enjoy this depiction of Christ with his twelve apostles.

That concludes my historic Frankfurt posts. I hope you were able to learn something! This pretty much sums up why I love Europe!


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