Sweet, Sweet Sweden

Hello Stockholm.

I’m visiting a very dear friend in Stockholm this weekend fir her birthday. It’s been six years since I’ve been here! I remember some things, but a lot has changed. I’ll talk more about the city later.

So far, we’ve had snow. Which is absolutely delightful. Growing up with the “best snow on earth” had led me to believe that it’s not really winter until it snows. So while I’ve endured countless people from home posting complaints about the snow on Facebook, I’ve been wandering around bitter cold Scotland without any of the best fruits of winter. Now I finally have them. 🙂

And I’ve made this discovery. In order to make complete impact, let me backtrack about eighteen months of my life.

At my last job in America, I worked with a guy from Belgium. He wore a scarf to work almost every day. I think even in the summer. And he was gently teased by our American coworkers about wearing a scarf, because men don’t wear scarves. Although in fact, as fashionable as we think we are, Americans don’t wear scarves. Europeans just wear scarves. Every day. Maybe in some countries they don’t wear them all through the summer, but in every country, you just wear a scarf.

Today as we headed into town, I decided to wear a scarf. My body temperature rose probably by five degrees with that one action.

One potentially live-saving action.

Yep, scarves are life-saving.

Another great experience I had today was eating Swedish meatballs in Sweden. With penne pasta and ketchup. Not exactly what I expected, but pretty good!

I really enjoy Sweden. Especially the fresh cold air. 🙂 Again, I’m going to highly recommend it on your next visit to Europe (and now you’re beginning to wonder where I won’t recommend. Brussels is the answer to that question).


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