This upcoming semester includes for me a course focuses on writing for TV (or thirty minute short films, but probably more focus on TV).

I have not enjoyed watching TV for many years. In my pre-adolescent stage, I watched a lot of cartoons after school. Primarily Arthur, X-Men, and Digimon, but also some other Saturday morning cartoons.

I’m not ashamed to admit that once Digimon dissolved into the world of typical children’s anime in America (it started becoming more like Pokemon), I lost interest in TV altogether.

This was briefly rekindled for a few years in college when The Office was good. Since then I’ve grown rather attached to Glee, but I enjoy it much more when I can just watch it on DVD. And in the past few months I’ve watched a great deal of The Big Bang Theory. But generally, I find it quite tedious to watch 23 or 47 minutes of a story at a time (the reason why I just wait and watch things on DVD/Netflix if I’m going to get invested in TV).

So if I can’t stand watching TV for 23 minutes, how am I going to write 23 minute scripts for TV?

One reason I wanted to study screenwriting in Britain is because of the delightful evolution of BBC mini-series. It’s like if Peter Jackson didn’t want to exploit one of the most devoted fandoms in the world by making eighteen hours of movies that he knows they will pay to see opening night in theaters even when they know he’s going to ego trip so hard that he almost ruins a childhood treasure, but instead delivered the same amount of attention to detail and adhesion to the original source (or probably more so) for free on television. BBC is brilliant for that (anyone in favor of a Harry Potter series in a few years?).

But that’s still not quite the same. The thing about TV shows is that the characters must evolve extremely slowly. Take Big Bang for example. How many seasons does it take for Raj to be able to talk to a woman while sober? Maybe it’s ADD of me, but I want to see more movement than that.

So, any ideas for what I should write about for a TV series?


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