Some More Thoughts About Food

Food is some of the best culture we can experience, but sometimes it provides some of the worst culture clash.

So here are some of my recent experiences with food.

  1. There are about four aisles of candy and pastry in every grocery store in Scotland. Even the small corner grocery stores that have less than ten aisles. Can’t exactly blame them, as some of the best candy in the world is manufactured in Britain. How is a person supposed to walk past this and stay strong repeatedly?!
  2. The aforementioned point came as a surprise to me because Europe is not known for their candy. But I’ve noticed that candy seems to be quite a cultural thing. For example, while Britain seems to be full of chocolate, Germany is full of gummy candy. Like, FULL of it. Which is interesting, because Germany is known for their chocolate, not Britain, and who knows that the gummy bear was invented in Germany?
  3. Also, formerly-viking nations have an intense preoccupation with black licorice.
  4. One last food-based cultural experience. I went to a Thai restaurant and ordered some sea bass. I once had this incredible sea bass in Peru and was hoping for a similar experience. The waiter brought this out: Needless to say, it wasn’t quite the delightful experience I hoped for. What is it about having the head still on that ruins the dining experience?

Now, for some delectable German chocolate, apple strudel flavored. 🙂


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