I’m Not in America…but I’m Surrounded by Americans

In the past two days I’ve been introduced to around ten new people living near me, and they were all Americans.

And they were all female.

Why is this happening? Several of us have commented on the fact that we’ve moved to Scotland and made very few friends who are actually Scottish.

Are we anti-social? Are the Scots actively avoiding us?

I don’t think so (well, I certainly hope the Scots aren’t actively avoiding us).

When I lived in Germany, I only made a handful of friends who were German. The rest of my friends were either American or otherwise-European.

The fact is, here are a bunch of women in their 20-30s, who left America to adventure in Scotland. Who’s to say that many of the Scots our same age are not doing the exact same thing?

Our world is global. Through the internet, there are no borders and restrictions on the people we meet and influence, or the cultures we can come to admire or understand. So we are much more prone to explore.

What I can’t explain is why it’s always American women I’m meeting who are coming over to Scotland. I don’t want to underestimate the reasons for this, but I have a few theories.

I mean, I don’t want to call American girls shallow, or clinging desperately to fairy tales. After all, I came over here, too. But it’s just a thought. Just a guess as to why the UK is bringing in so many women and not so many men. That’s all.


One response to “I’m Not in America…but I’m Surrounded by Americans

  1. I have many American girl-friends but have met very few American men (one of whom I happen to be marrying). In my experience Brits are slower to befriend people where Americans are quick, especially in new situations. You’re much more likely to pick up an American friend randomly whereas Brits tend to find their friends through work, school, living situations, or friends of friends.

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