Creative People Create Things

If you’re a creative person, you’ve probably run into the…circumstance…where someone finds out you’re creative and they ask you do to something for them. Usually the first time they get it right, but usually it just spirals from there.

“Oh, you worked in a bakery? Can you help me frost thirty cupcakes for my kid’s preschool class for his birthday?” Okay, that’s fair. But the next time: “Hey, remember how you helped me with those cupcakes? Well, do you think you could make a four-course meal for my sister’s wedding?”

Until eventually: “Hey, you’re creativity in baking probably pours over into music. Will you play ‘Clair de Lune’ on the violin at my grandma’s funeral? It was her favorite song.”

Okay, maybe things don’t get that bad. And honestly, I love contributing anything I’ve got to whatever people might need help with.

But I do have limitations. Most creative people do. Sure, I’ve met a few amazing people who can do anything. And maybe they got that way by faking it when people kept asking them to do stuff.

I’m super grateful, however, that other people have talents that cover the things I’m not so good at. Like decorating thirty cupcakes. And I’m even more grateful for the creative people who are happily willing to contribute their talents far and wide. You make the world a lovely place. 🙂


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