More on Interactive Media

So I’m taking this interactive media class this trimester, right? And as part of it, I’m supposed to get more involved in interactive media, right?

Which is why I have played thirty levels of Mahjong on my phone in the past two days.

This is precisely why I have avoided downloading game apps on my phone – ever. As a child, I used to listen to Enya and play mahjong for hours and hours. In addition to The Island of Dr. Brain, Hover, Math Blaster, and Reader Rabbit games. No wonder I was on an advanced level compared to the rest of my class in everything. I played about a billion hours of educational/strategic computer games during my six years of elementary school (p.s., if you remember any of those games and are not one of my siblings, let’s be friends!).

However, I am learning a TON about interactive media that’s not just about fun little games. My professor linked us to this article about gamers making incredible scientific discoveries by playing games that mimic scientific processes, such as enzymes and proteins interacting. Wizard!

There are sooooo many aspects of interactive media. It’s quite incredible and exciting to think about working in this field. I don’t think my talents are perfectly tuned to it, but I’m excited to give it a shot as one of our assignments is to develop the premise of some interactive media: either and interactive game, website, film, or app.

Sometimes when I think about it…I feel like this:

Interactive media rocks my face off.


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