College Food

It’s pretty expected that what you eat during your college career will plummet significantly in value from what you were getting at your mom’s before college. Partially because you are poor, and partially because you just don’t want (or can’t) make the time to make food for yourself.

But I will admit that I didn’t expect my eating standards to plummet again when I went to grad school. I’ve lived on my own for a few years, discovered my abilities in the kitchen, developed a passion for healthy foods…so why do I find myself ordering takeout?

I’m not so poor, and I do have the time on some days. I may choose not to use my time on cooking. But I’ve had a few creative moments recently I’d like to share.

1. The Old College Scrap Together


My roommate and I started building up a collection of leftovers which were taking a toll on the pleasantness of our fridge. Included in this was a large bag of chips (fries). Reheated chips are not appetizing. Also, we don’t have a microwave. So I came up with the idea for putting them in a breakfast casserole type dish. I layered the chips on the bottom, poured scrambled eggs and milk over top, then added peas, salsa, and cheese, which were all things in our fridge that needed to go. Sprinkled with paprika and garlic. All in all, it wasn’t bad. A little dry, but if I’d had more salsa I think that problem would’ve fixed itself. Next time (if it comes) I think I’ll add more/different vegetables like onions and peppers.

2. Chicken Mango Heaven


This is what I made last night for my breakfast/dinner Skype date. Although this was also thrown together with things I had around the house, I did actually but these ingredients with the intention of making something amazing out of them. So, grilled the chicken doused in lime and lemon juice and seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon. When the chicken is about done, I added the mango chunks and craisins and let those simmer for a bit. For the pasta, I added lime and lemon juice to the boiling water. I think this made it cook slower, but result was totally worth it. After draining, I poured olive oil and more lime and lemon juice on the pasta and stirred in some grated cheese to melt from the pasta’s heat. And altogether…one of the best creations I’ve ever come up with!

So being poor or out if time doesn’t always mean you have to eat junk. I rather enjoy having to use my imagination to make a meal.


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