Wet Climate

I have curly hair. Because of this, I spend inordinate amounts of time in the shower, trying to soothe my hair into the right texture. Then I spend hours with wet hair allowing it to air dry so that it can soak in as much moisture as possible.

But I also hate getting out of bed a second earlier than I have to. So I often get out of bed ten minutes later than I should have. Because of this, I usually don’t have enough time to let my hair dry, at all, before I need to be out the door.

This has been happening for a few years now. I used to walk into my office every day with completely soaked hair (and no make up whatsoever). And I wasn’t too bothered about it.

But here in Europe, a lot of people are brought up with beliefs about leaving your hair wet damaging your health and whatnot. I haven’t noticed it as severely in Scotland, but I have had people stare and ask questions when I arrive somewhere with totally drenched hair.

However, now it is winter.

And at any given moment, the streets could look like this:

Even if it looked like this just a second before:


Then this:

This is good for me and my curly hair. Because when I arrive somewhere sopping, they all just assume that I got caught in a flash flood and carry on with business. Also, it doesn’t bother me one bit if I walk out of a building and am immediately greeted with rain on my face and in my hair. Even if my hair is dry already, what’s the rain gonna do? Make it more curly and frizzy than it already is? Good luck, rain.

There is a road bridge across the Firth Forth that is gray. Legend says they built it that way to blend in to the sky (and not take away from the dazzling red train bridge which is a spectacle of Scottish engineering in the 19th century).

I don’t mind the gray skies. And thankfully haven’t run into any vampire covens either.


One response to “Wet Climate

  1. I love that last picture.

    As someone who doesn’t own a hair dryer, I’ve met a lot of resistance, even in America, to being out and about with wet hair. Europeans, though… That draft can kill you. The center workers in Romania would YELL at us if we didn’t wear socks (with our flip flops).

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