Chinese New Year

There are a lot of Chinese students who come to my church, so our ward decided to put on a Chinese New Year celebration last night. I know, you’re all thinking that Chinese New Year was two weeks ago. But as far as my research dictates, celebrations last for quite some time in China. So I’m good with it.

First of all, I love Chinese food. But what we had at the party was the real stuff. I once had a Chinese friend tell me that anything breaded and glazed with a sauce is Americanized Chinese food. True story. It was really good (although maybe some dishes were too spicy for me, but not in a bad way). I especially LOVE Chinese dumplings.

Secondly, we had some Chinese dancers come and perform. That was fantastic. I have no idea what the dances were about, but I am all over that nerdy cultural stuff.

The dances were really beautiful…more than my camera could handle.

Then we had some dragons. The children chased them around making noise to scare off the evil spirits.

And for good measure, the dragons fought each other.

I absolutely love the opportunity to dip into some other cultures besides Scottish and European. I love traditions, I love learning about the way other people see the world…I love Asian cultures. And now I really want to slurp some noodles and paint calligraphy.


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