First World Problems – Again.

Over Christmas break, my roommate and I discovered that our boiler likes to stop working if there aren’t two of us in the house.

She left for a holiday in Switzerland yesterday. So what do I wake up to? That’s right. Cold floors and cold water.

We’ve already had the gas company in to fix the boiler maybe three times…apparently it’s about as old as this country. And it might be days before they make it out to me.

So I may be boiling water and pouring it into the bathtub instead of showering this week.

But that’s not even the worse part.

The soap in the dishwasher won’t dissolve when the water is cold. So I’ll have to wash everything by hand. With cold water. Or boiled water I suppose.

My life is so hard!

Hands up if you’ve ever longed to see steam but couldn’t….

I know. I still have water. So what do I have to complain about?


3 responses to “First World Problems – Again.

  1. I wish I lived in Britain and had a dishwasher But seriously, thank you for this first world problems article – I love it because I often have similar issues myself… Except I call them second world problems, as I’m located in a less developed part of Europe. I still have water, though.

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