In Memoriam

The past few days I have been busy with school work and ordinary living tasks. Right now I am working on an essay about the conventions of musicals and how they work in films.

Interspersed with working on the essay, I am keeping my sanity (aka procrastinating) by watching some inspiring things throughout social media.

Maybe because one of the musicals I am analyzing is Rent, but I stumbled upon this report about the origin of AIDS. Which dwelt in my mind because of the recent Oscar success of Dallas Buyer’s Club, and also because I have relatives who have lost the battle with AIDS and those things never quite go away.

This got me thinking. Probably because I paid more attention than ever this year, but the Oscars seemed to highlight stories of struggle. Sure, all films are about stories of struggle, or else there would be nothing interesting to film. But I’m talking about deep, sociologically defining struggle. AIDS. Slavery. Surviving without any human contact.

This is what I want to write. I want to write films about the tragically human struggles. That doesn’t mean they have to be depressing. But I want them to be real. Fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve seen enough human struggling in my actual life that I have plenty of rich soil from which to carve stories full of interesting characters and situations, hopefully that will be attractive to the likes of Meryl Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch. Just throwing it out there.

By way of example, I’ll include this story which I just finished watching about a boy living in poverty who found a way to build and utilize his natural gifts. Truly inspiring.

I want to write a story that will give a shout out to all the people who can relate in its Oscar winning speech. I want to write a story in memoriam to those who have struggled.


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