National Gallery

Recently I’ve decided I’m not taking nearly enough advantage of the fact that I live in a great tourist destination of Europe. So I’m trying to get out and do something cultural every Saturday. Today was my second successful attempt (last week was International Women’s Day).

So I went to the National Gallery, which is Free.Ninety-free!! Thank you UK for having free museums!!

Art museums aren’t the most exciting in the world (personal opinion), but I do rather enjoy me some Renaissance and Impressionist art. The Scottish National Gallery had two Van Goghs, which made me super happy because he is my favorite artist!

The Olive Trees

Orchard in Bloom

There were also some super Scottish pieces that made me a little bit giddy. Cause I love Scotland. šŸ™‚

This painting of the view of Edinburgh castle from Princes Street, a photo I’ve taken many, many times.

And Sir Walter Scott, my literary lover.

Then there was this painting of Venice that made me double take, because it looked exactly like the Venice I visited five years ago. Even though it was painted over 300 years before that.

Overall, it was a lovely experience, great to get in touch with my artsy side, and it kinda felt like wandering the picture-laden halls of Hogwarts.


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