The End

On Friday, we had a masterclass with Irish comedic Dylan Moran. He talked to us about the art of making a great ending. Not the climax of a movie, but literally the last few seconds on the screen.

Since then I’ve been thinking of film endings that I love. I will give you a list. But first I will give you a list of things that make an ending that I love.

  1. Unexpected – if the ending throws a little twist in the last few seconds of the movie.
  2. Makes you smile – not necessarily because it was warm and fuzzy (although that’s okay), but because it maintained the correct tone for the whole film and helped the film feel complete.
  3. What needs to happen happens, and not more – It’s okay for characters to not get together, or for someone to die, if the narrative calls for it. I like being torn up with emotions at the end of the film, if there is a good reason for it.

Three simple things; you’d think that more movies would have successful endings. I think a huge reason most of them don’t is because writers, or directors, or producers (most likely) are afraid of upsetting the audience. Which usually upsets the audience. But now, on to so movie endings that I love. I’m just going to list them and not explain, so that you can nod in agreement or go find out for yourself why it’s awesome!

Feel free to let me know if I’m missing some good ones!


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