And the Blustery Day

I’m like an old person in that I have a years-old injury that starts to ache when the weather is about to change. Last night I had a rough time going to sleep because this injury was throbbing.

The past few days, maybe even weeks, have been quite warm. Windy, but warm. So much that I took a layer off my bedding. I foolishly forgot that Edinburgh is normally a rainy climate.

Maybe I write too much about the weather here, but when I looked like this walking to school today, I can’t help but comment.


It’s pretty nerve wracking to walk down busy streets with your peripheral vision encumbered by a large hood or umbrella. And the fact that my hair still ended up soaked is just salt in the wound.

I did my undergrad in one of the coldest, windiest towns in the continental US: Rexburg, Idaho. It was much colder there than it is here. And it snowed instead of rained, which I much prefer. And I thought the wind was worse there than it is here, until I walked to school today to the accompaniment of a house alarm because the wind drifted by and decided to punch this house in the gut just because it’s a bully that way. And the fact that I find that more believable than an actual burglar or user error triggering the alarm says enough.


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