One Thing Britain is Doing Seriously Wrong

Right now I’m in a cinema. My movie started at 5:00 pm. It is now 5:10 pm. Why am I posting this from my phone ten minutes after my film should start? Because in Britain, or Scotland at least, there is always about half an hour of commercials interspersed with trailers that starts at the time your film is listed to start.

In America, when I worked at the theater, we had exactly ten minutes of trailers only ate the film was billed to start. We played out commercials in the dead space between when one film ended and the next one was set to start.

This is incredibly annoying for two reasons.
1. You have to plan about 3 hours at the cinema instead of 2:15.
2. The last commercial is always a Kevin Bacon cheese stuffed commercial for the British branch of T-Mobile. These commercials are the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. They are making me hate Kevin Bacon. T-Mobile is the phone company incarnation of Lucifer himself.


I wrote all of this before the film started. Seriously.


2 responses to “One Thing Britain is Doing Seriously Wrong

  1. I hear ya, Laura… I practically feel that KB has become like an annoying and distant relative that creeps up every so often (three-four times per week in my case). I felt sorry for him for being in such cheesy commercials, but to be honest, this is nothing compared to the latest prison-style ad for EE where in the end of this gritty and dark cinematic scene of visitation the orange-clad gargantuan monster-like criminal starts to sing and wave his hands like the friggin’ munchkin teenager they have based this pun upon. I really feel somebody somewhere has to be fired for approving this piece of… umm, let’s say “utter garbage” that makes Kevin Bacon commercials look like award-worthy spectacles. ‘Nuff said… btw, Filmhouse and Cameo show quite funny commercials, most of them Volkswagen. However, BAFTA-screenings start 6.30 sharp without any ads. But then again, these are not for general public đŸ˜‰

  2. the last time I saw a new release movie (within a few weeks of it coming out) we sat through 25 minutes of trailers.

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