Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold…

…To dungeons deep and caverns old…

Not really, but I did hike some misty mountains today and it did feel like I was in Middle Earth. First of all, these stairs.

And then, there was this ring found on the trail…

And don’t forget the Misty Mountains themselves.

This trail is called Grey Mare’s Tail in Dumfrieshire. It leads to Skeen Loch (pictured above) which is the highest loch in Southern Scotland at 500m. The trail elevates 200m from start to the loch. It is the subject of a verse of Sir Walter Scott’s poem “Marmion”.

Then issuing forth one foamy wave,

And wheeling round the giant’s grave,

White as the snowy charger’s tail,

Drives down the pass of Moffatdale.

Moffat is the closest town to the trail. So if you ever want to hike it yourself, you should be able to find it. If you’re not convinced, let me show you some more of this incredible Scottish scenery.

And this is me being as selective as I can stand about the photos to share. Scotland is unreasonably beautiful!


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