Glasgow, Round 2

As may have become apparent in previous posts…I’m a huge fan of rock and roll. So when I saw that one of my most favorite bands (Foreigner) and another band that I like and have never seen in concert (Europe) were coming together to Glasgow yesterday…I figured it was a great excuse to spend a day in Glasgow.

I planned to only see a few sights and have a very relaxed day about it with no time constraints, and it was one of the most satisfying trips I’ve ever had.

Before I get too into the trip, let me mention that my friend, who is also an American, and I went to Forever 21 first thing when we got to Glasgow. She needed some new jeans and it’s easier to deal with clothing we are familiar with when it comes to clothing so sensitive as a pair of jeans. I didn’t realize how much I missed American clothing stores. An extended selection of sizes for big girls like me, neon colors, fashions that make sense (to me) instead of wondering why anyone would purchase 75% of the clothing a given store…it was lovely. Glasgow has a much better shopping scene than Edinburgh.

Anyway, back to the trip. We planned on seeing only four things that were right next to each other: The Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis, St. Mungo’s museum of religion, and the oldest house in Glasgow. Kind of a theme of religion/death, oddly enough, but it was in no way depressing. So here comes the stream of pictures!

Glasgow cathedral:

This picture was taken from the neighboring Necropolis.

Glasgow cathedral is the home of St. Mungo’s tomb:

St. Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow. I don’t know much else about him…I was just excited because the wizarding hospital in Britain is named after him. Haha

The Necropolis:

In case you didn’t figure out, is a huge graveyard, expanding over a large hill behind the cathedral. Because I love sculptures, I love graveyards, and I have a creepy habit of visiting them.

St. Mungo’s Religious Museum holds a bunch of religious art from tons of different religions and was very informative about different religious views and ceremonies throughout various stages of life. I love learning about religion and seeing most religious art (some is creepy though, let’s be honest).

Particularly loved this Islamic piece.

The oldest house in Glasgow, Provands Lordship:

Built in 1471. Which kinda blows my American mind.

After this lovely bit of tourism, the concert. To which I could probably dedicate a whole blog post in itself. Let’s keep it sufficient at: I find rock and roll very inspiring. One word: Passion.



One last word on why I love going to classic rock concerts – these guys are old and they are still amazing and talented. No need for special effects or autotune. Plus the venues are always seated because of the older audience. Bonus!


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