Apples to English

Tonight I played Apples to Apples with some friends. For anyone who doesn’t know the game, here you go.

Back in America, I played this game frequently with both friends and families. I prided myself in knowing what all of the cards meant, including knowing who all of the people were. Will Smith? Easy. Jacques Cousteau? Not so much. But I knew that game, and everyone who played with me knew that if they threw down kilts, bagpipes, Darth Vader, or Captain Kirk, they would automatically win.

However, tonight we played the British version of the game. And I began to realize my American ignorance.

There were some things I’d heard about, like Essex girls.

But then there were Skousers…

And then I made the mistake of asking who David Cameron is…who is apparently the Prime Minister…who knew?

I just live here. It’s fine.

Then there were the weird slang words…like ropey. Which apparently means dodgy. ???

I grew up reading a lot of British literature, so I really didn’t expect to have a problem with British English when I came here. But the slang is weird. Sorry kids, but it’s true. Menging (manging? meaning gross, smelly, etc.) is probably one of my most favorite words ever.

We’ll see if I’m here long enough for my vocabulary to change significantly…



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