For the Love of Cocoa Powder

Cookies. That’s all I wanted to make.

Some of you may have tried no-bake cookies. Apparently they’re an American thing, so if you’re outside of America and have tried them, consider yourself blessed because a piece of heaven has touched your tongue.

They are also a particular specialty of mine. Ask anyone that I went to high school or university with.

So when I was asked to make some cookies for a church function yesterday, I fell back on my faithful no-bakes. They had never failed me yet.

But you know what failed me? British grocery stores.

I went to five stores. FIVE. STORES. to find cocoa powder.

And when I found it, it was a tiny little can – only one brand to choose from. So small I had to buy two (because I was quadrupling the recipe).

By the time I got home from hunting for the cocoa powder, I only had an hour to make fifty cookies. I had left to find the cocoa powder three-and-a-half hours earlier.

But it’s fine. I got a lot of compliments on the cookies, and they disappeared like lightning.

A few people asked for my recipe. I’ll share with you general public, too.

2 cups sugar (granulated)

1/2 cup milk

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter

1/3-1/2 cup cocoa powder (depending on how chocolatey you like them – I never go more than 1/3).

1/2-3/4 cup peanut butter (I always go at least 3/4, sometimes even a cup)

Some vanilla (Probably like 2 teaspoons, but I never measure)

3 cups oats (that’s what the recipes say, although I like mine more stiff, so I just keep adding oats until it gets heavy to stir)

Bring the sugar, milk, and butter to a boil (in a pot, clearly) for ONE MINUTE ONLY. This is very important. This is chemistry, not art class. If you boil them for too long they will crumble and taste burnt. If you don’t boil them for long enough, they will never dry and will feel like you’re eating sludge. I start the timer when there is a full layer of frothy bubbles in the pot (and all the butter should be melted by this point). After one minute, turn the heat off. Add the cocoa, peanut butter, and vanilla and stir until it is pretty smooth (usually I still have some chunks of cocoa powder and I’m pretty sure that’s fine). Add the oats until you are satisfied with the texture. Spoon the batter onto wax or baking paper (any size of cookies you want; this is one reason I love the recipe). After cooling for ten minutes, they should be solid enough to eat (however, they can cool for hours, even days and still taste like an angel singing to your taste buds).

If you live in a country that doesn’t use cups for measurements, I’m sorry but I can’t help you. Well, I could, but I might still be bitter about the cocoa powder thing.

But really, I love living in Scotland. Sometimes it just blows my mind what some countries consider normal and others do not, especially when they are both first world…


2 responses to “For the Love of Cocoa Powder

  1. weird. I’ve never had any trouble finding it! I tend to order online though, so maybe there’s more selection?

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