My Luve is a Green, Green Grass

I may have won the battle, but I don’t know if I’ll win the war.

When I moved into my little cottage, my roommate informed me that we are not contractually obligated to take care of the yard (the British call it a garden). It’s not very big so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal either way.

So, so wrong.

If you think this is a “before” picture, you’re wrong. This is a during picture. This is after I had been pulling up dandelions for an hour (you can see a bit of the pile on the left side).

My roommate and I are both students and have pretty unstable schedules. Until very recently, it wasn’t light enough outside by the time we had enough free time to dedicate to garden care.

But since today was the nicest day weather-wise that Scotland has probably seen in a few decades, I decided to neglect my homework in favor of taking care of the garden, as it had gotten to a point where I didn’t want people to come over or anyone on the street to see me leaving my house. It looked like our place was uninhabited.

Well, I broke the trowel digging up dandelions (some of the roots were inches thick – no joke). Our “lawn mower” is electric, so we had to plug it in to our house by extension cord.

Scotland’s “grass” is thick and fuzzy, much like their men, or their cows.

The tiny lawn mower seemed like it wasn’t going to make it, but after three passes, the grass was acceptably shorter.

In total, my roommate and I spent about three hours cleaning up the garden. This is how much grass and weeds we collected:

And this is the finished result:

Obviously not perfect (though I can’t do much about the moss growing on the sidewalk), but a thousand times better. Good enough for company at least. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off to Japan for a week (and I may or may not be blogging from there, so I hope you don’t miss me if I don’t!), so we’ll see how the yard maintains in the meantime!


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