The Good People of Edinburgh

On the way to the airport this morning, I conducted a social experiment. Not on purpose, it just happened.

I barely caught my bus on time, so I was a little flustered as I paid the bus driver for my ticket. I dropped a pound coin, but couldn’t tell where it went, so I ignored it.


When I sat down, I saw the coin sitting quietly in the middle of the aisle. I didn’t want to get up and fetch it because that’s a little bit awkward.

So I sat and wondered if anyone would pick it up. I wondered how I would feel about losing it forever. It’s worth almost $2, and if I dropped $2 I would definitely pick it up. I’m a student; I can’t just throw money about.

To the credit of the British mint, this coin did not move the entire 20 minute bus ride. No one picked it up, nor did anyone stop me and tell me I dropped the coin.

When we arrived at the airport, I left the bus last, picking up my coin on the way out.

The British: politely minding their own business as they honestly go about their day.

Let’s leave it on that positive note, instead of me indulging in my Orwellian feelings about the “fast track” security line.

The next time you hear from me, I’ll have conquered my fourth continent: Asia. !!!


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