Lufthansa (and More Praise for Germanity)

Well, I’m back from Japan. As suspected, I had limited internet access over there, thus the long pause.

Before I get into my Japanese adventures (mostly because I am not sure how to organize them), let me tell you about the pleasant book ends of my trip: Lufthansa flights.

I’ve learned great trust in German engineering, so when I found incredibly cheap Lufthansa flights to and from Tokyo, no hesitation was to be had.

Here are some things I really enjoy about Lufthansa flights:

  • On the long flights, they give you hot towels at the beginning and at the end
  • They give you metal silverware with the large meals
  • The meals actually taste really good and feel like real food
  • The flight crew speaks German, and English with delightful German accents
  • Adequate leg room
  • Checked luggage (unlike many cheap European and American lines)
  • The flight attendants assume I’m German (at least on the transAsia flights, because I’m white they spoke German first, English second)

Now, of course, Lufthansa is not the only airline which provides some of these things. But I have never had an unpleasant Lufthansa experience. Even turbulence is less severe.

Also, there is this handsome man and his beautiful voice. If you know who he is, you know what I’m talking about.

Now for some pictures from my flight:

This is when we were heading up to the North Pole area. The flight path took us over the northern most edge all across Russia. When  I realized how dead I would be if we crashed, even if I survived the crash itself, I was super, super grateful for German engineering (I’m sure many other airlines are also safe, but I like what I’m comfortable with).

This is the end of continental Asia. Kind of a surreal moment for me. The farthest East I have ever been from home.

And this was my super Japanese greeting into Japan. Haha. They put cute cartoons on EVERYTHING!!


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