Kabuki and Kimonos

I’ve had requests to blog more about Japan, which I planned to do, but I’ve been bogged down by deadlines.

But who cares about deadlines when I can write something fun!?

So here it is.

My two most cultural experiences in Japan were….drumroll…..

1. When we went to a kabuki show!

To be truthful, I had a really hard time staying awake during it (I never adjusted to the time change, I just suffered through sleepiness every day), and we also didn’t get translation, but we found a pretty comprehensive story online so we could kind of follow along…

Kabuki is comparable to the way Shakespeare was originally done…all male actors, many characters, lots of revenge, killing, forbidden love, cross dressing – at least in the show we saw.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the theater, but here is a picture of the theater (Kabukiza):

And here is a picture of me with the posters for the shows:

The next most cultural experience I had in Japan was getting fitted in a traditional ceremonial kimono. Which was one of my most favorite things we did…I felt pretty awesomely beautiful!

One thing I really began to appreciate about Japanese culture is the extreme detail they put into beauty. I’ll address this again when I blog about all the art and museums, but I mean, look at that kimono. I can’t even handle how many different patterns of thread are all up in that. Beauty and grace – those definitions in the dictionary should have a picture of Japan next to them.


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