Temples of Tokyo

I swear one day I’m going to be with it enough to be done blogging about something before it’s been over for three weeks. This is my almost last Japan blog, I promise!

While walking through the parks in Tokyo, one may observe many interesting buildings that look like they popped out of another century (but are still very clean and shiny).

These are shrines. They often are surrounded by interesting statues:

These water things, which are involved in some ritual:

Cute little dog/dragon/lion characters:

Stones with character carvings:

These stone lantern boxes:

And also incense burning bowls.

So, that’s what goes into a shrine. A temple is like a shrine, but BIGGER.

^This is the pagoda at the most famous Buddhist temple in Japan, in Asakusa.

And here is some of the inside of that temple:

The ceiling:

And the incense burning:

Shrines: everywhere. In every park, and most have more than one. Temples: not so common, but huge and beautiful. I really enjoyed exploring the shrines everywhere. The temples were a very cool cultural experience, as most of what I know about Buddhism is the teachings and not the worship.

We also went to this temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints):

Which was quite different and much quieter. But just as lovely.


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