Easy Squeezy Japanesey

Here’s my final Japan post finally.

Just some observations of some really Japanese things – embedded in their culture.

1. Bright lights, big city

When I see stuff like this I always think of Coruscant in Attack of the Clones. It feels like neon flashing lights and moving pictures all over buildings is futuristic when you’re not from a big city. But really, it’s pretty normal for big cities.

2. Making things “cute”

Those bunnies are construction barriers.

3. Decorating everything

Is this not the prettiest manhole cover you’ve ever seen?

4. Birds.


5. Engrish

Please, do not flash anything if you can help it.

6. Girls=pink

The hair products section of the electronics store.

7. Hello Kitty

That airplane was the first thing I saw when we landed in Japan…and I knew I had made it to the right place.

8. Totoro

I don’t know why Totoro is everywhere and nothing else from Ghibli is, but hey, everyone likes having a fluffy friend, right?

9. Making everything a smiley cartoon

Like this adorable Mt. Fuji.

Or these bowls of food.

10. Uniforms

Nothing like little school boy uniforms.

11. More cartoons and cuteness

What do penguins have to do with the subway? I don’t know, but I like it.

12. Anime

I’m not sure if this is advertising water, of just that illustrated characters can be just as attractive as real men.

13. Robots

That, or they really take their cartoon shows seriously.

14. Dogs

This is part of a pretty big memorial at the largest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo, for a dog that was so loyal to its owner that it sat by its owner’s grave for years. Considering that here in Edinburgh we have a tiny little statue for a dog that did the exact same thing, I feel this is a pretty intense memorial (this is only about a third of it and there is also a large statue).

15. Gaming

What do you expect from the makers of every awesome game ever?

16. Food

In addition to everything I wrote in my post yesterday, there is this other thing about Japanese food culture – all the menus either have pictures for every dish, or plastic models for every dish as pictured above. Extremely helpful for those of us who can’t read Japanese.

17. Towers and skyscrapers

Tokyo Skytree – tallest free standing tower in the world.

Tokyo Tower – was the tallest in the world until the Skytree was built.

Some of these things I had thought to be racist stereotypes – then they turned out to be true. And the Japanese are totally happy with it. Respect.


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