The Disserted Life

For the past few weeks, I haven’t been up to much besides attempting to have inspiration for and organize and begin to write my “dissertation” which is a feature length film.

I’m sure you can guess how that is going.

Not exactly. I have written a few pages of script and done some research. But it is rough to keep your creativity rolling.

Here are some methods I’ve used to help refresh the mind, for anyone suffering the same fate:

  1. SHORT naps
  2. Going for a walk
  3. Small task (such as unloading the dishwasher)
  4. Writing an email for pleasure
  5. Playing a game with a time limit (not one that you can end up playing forever)
  6. Switch up your music
  7. This blog post

And here are some things NOT to do:

  1. Facebook
  2. Other internet browsing
  3. Watch entire series of television (unless this is research)
  4. Large projects (such as redoing something in your home)

Because I haven’t done ANY of those things….

Hope that helps anyone else bogged down by coursework or creative tediousness.



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