The Sun Shines Bright on Loch Lomond

You take the high road,

And I’ll take the low road.

I’ll be in Scotland afore ye!

But me and my true love

Will never meet again

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

I certainly hope the words of this beloved Scottish folk song don’t become true, because Loch Lomond is so big, I feel like I need to go back annually for the rest of my life to explore and understand its beauty.

So, here are some more shots.

I went with three friends and we hiked up the foothills of Ben Lomond, the highest peak near Loch Lomond (which barely qualifies as a mountain by Rocky Mountain standards, but that’s fine). We chose not to follow a path, but to press forward and leave a trail like Emerson advises. This gave some unfortunate results in my shoes and socks:

And also exposed to to many more midges. 😦 Here are just two of the bites I received:

But we also saw a ton of beautiful flora:


There was also some interesting fauna:

And don’t forget about great fungi:

And most excitingly, some wicked geology as well:

After the hike, we went down to the lake shore. The water was far too cold for swimming, but I was just happy to stick my feet in this legendary lake.

It was a true-blooded Scottish experience, thistle and all.

Even though it’s a high tourist traffic destination, it was a lovely time and delightful piece of Scottishness.



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