EIFF 2014

Today I picked up my delegate’s pass for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. And almost immediately went to my first film of the festival.

I am stoked that I get to be a “delegate” as a film student. I get to go to special screenings, I get to go to workshops, and I even get to *gulp* network with professionals from several different countries. Secretly, I want to go up to any of the German film makers that are here and tell them I will do anything, just give me a job in Germany. But that’s another blog post.

But it really is a unique opportunity, and one of the reasons I chose the film school that I did.

I even got a little badge they scan and a canvas bag full of handouts. Whoo!!

The film I saw today was called Something, Anything. It was a really interesting take on the American Dream, although it was a bit rough in some ways (editing, acting), I did like it’s philosophical questions. I’m excited to see what the rest of the films I’ll see will bring to me.


One response to “EIFF 2014

  1. Sounds exciting. If you get a chance check out a film called jaula de oro – it’s another one with a different take on the american dream. It’s been doing really well out here in Mexico.

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