Hobbit Wisdom

I’m taking a break from my writing and film watching to bring you a little message of joy and love.

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in the audience while a man from Empire magazine chatted with Elijah Wood on stage.

Now, knowing the kind of Lord of the Rings fan I am, you can imagine at what pace my heart was beating.

But I also love many of Elijah’s lesser known films, particularly Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There are many more he spoke about which I now want to see because they all sound amazing.

From the way he talked about his films, the other actors and the directors, and how “lucky” he’s been so many times, I really got the impression that he is a genuinely nice guy with a lot of passion as well as humility. He actually talked about his childhood stardom and said the a reason why he was able to adjust so well is that his roles and fame came gradually. He didn’t have one iconic role that labeled him forever (as a child), so the more famous he became, the more prepared he was to deal with it. So by the time his iconic labelling role came around, he was probably as well prepared as possible to accept that he’d always be Frodo, and that doesn’t bother him.

He said some really wonderful things that I’d like to share. Keep in mind, these quotes aren’t necessarily verbatim, I just wrote them down asap as well as I could remember them.

If you’re enthusiastic about anything, above a normal level of enthusiasm, you’re a nerd.

I love this because many people think that being a nerd only pertains to certain subjects – but really you can be a nerd about anything in the world. I know TONS of people who are nerds about football (both American football and the real kind of football).

 You are only yourself.

Pretty much enough said on that one. But it’s nice to be reminded, from a major actor, that being true to yourself and not getting caught up in what everyone else thinks about you is the most important thing.

Integrity is really important to me. You should always do what you love simply because you love it. There are ways you could go that take you away from the reasons that you started. Always remember why you love something.

I absolutely love this, especially because it was in response to a small boy asking him for acting advice. I think this philosophy right here is a major reason why Elijah Wood has been so successful and not gone crazy. He is a founder of a production company that makes obscure horror films because he loves horror films. And even though I can’t stand horror films, I respect that so much, because with all the money he has at his disposal, he spends it on what he loves, helping others do what they love. And also records. He buys a lot of vinyl. Which is another awesome thing that he loves.

Anyway, this bit of advice is so vital to me as I attempt to start a film making career. There are plenty of opportunities I could take, just to get a job, or to make money, or to make a name for myself, but none of those paths are worth taking if they are going to take me away from what I love. Also if you love what you are doing, you’re going to do it much better than something that you don’t care about.

The last thing I want to share is what he answered when asked if there were any “big actors” that he wanted to work with.

He said he is really gutted that he missed the chance to work with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The planet lost something

He said of Philip’s death. I couldn’t agree more. And I absolutely love when film makers adore and support each other. My respect for Elijah sky-rocketed last night, and I think I may go watch every one of his films that I can get my hands on.

Unfortunately, I was too much of a Hufflepuff to stalk him down and get a picture with him. I guess I’ll just have to make a film with him someday. 🙂


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